So you just got hit with another overdraft fee or you're constantly being bombarded with sales calls for products you know you don't want. If you are thinking about switching banks in South Jersey for your personal or business banking, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Can You Avoid a Fee If You Have Enough Money in Your Account? Some banks will require you to have as little as $1 in your checking account. Others might require much more than that. You should shop around to see if you can find banks in South Jersey that will charge you as few fees as possible.

Does the Bank Offered Online and Mobile Options? The answer here is most likely yes, but even after that, you should consider the interface and how well designed the website and banking app are. If you are confused about how it works or there is often technical issues, this is something you should consider as you change banks.

Is the Bank Open When I Need It to Be? If you don't need your bank to be open all that often (or at all if you want to stick with an online bank) this will be of little concern to you. However, if you plan on going to the bank often to do your banking, you will likely need a bank with longer hours and more days opened.

Are You Interested in other Banking Products? Many banks in South Jersey are able to offer their customers better deals on other products, like a residential mortgage or CD. So if you are thinking about other banking products for now or for the future, you might want to check out these products when shopping around to determine if any bank has a residential mortgage that might work for your financial needs.